The All-Natural Way to Wake Up Early Everyday.

No Jitters. No Snooze. No Worries.

Sustain the habit of waking up early everyday by hydrating your body to get your brain functioning at its best.

60 days of guaranteed mental clarity or your money back* 

*if used as directed everyday

How To Use Your Wake Sympl™

1. Fill Your Free Water Bottle To The "G"

2. Add 1 Scoop of 
Wake Sympl & Shake.

3. Place On Your 
Night Stand

4. Wake, Shake, then Drink Upon Waking!

Why It Works

All Natural Energy
Each bottle contains all-natural, 100% organic ingredients extracted from some of the best plant-based sources, giving you high levels of antioxidants more readily absorbed by your body. 
Sustainably sourced. Chemical-free. Slowly processed. 
Each bottle contains all-natural, 100% organic ingredients extracted from some of the best plant-based sources, giving you high levels of antioxidant botanicals more readily absorbed by your body. 
Mood Boosting Nootropics
Our nootropic blend gives you clean energy while reducing stress and anixety to start the day in a calm and focused state. . 
Nootropic ingredients can help improve cognitive functions, enhance memory and invigorate brain performance, so you get a boost of energy while promoting calmness to give you the focus you need in your training and exercise. 
Cellular Hydration Blend
You lose a pound of water each through exhalation every night. Instantly rehydrate in the morning to have your brain function optimally. 
L-theanine, a unique amino acid, fosters a state of calm and helps reduce anxiety and mood disorders. By increasing alpha brain wave activity to promote a more balanced state and attentive wakefulness, each sip is a soothing, rejunivating ritual.
60 days of guaranteed mental clarity or your money back* 
*if used as directed everyday
More balanced, more productive.
 KSM-66 Ashwagandha
A patented form of ashwagandha shown to eliminate brain fog and enhance the body's resilience to stress. It even helps with cardiorespiratory endurance!
When mixed with caffeine it creates a nootropic effect, without the jitters and anxiety. 
 Green Coffee Bean
Organic caffeine to keep you feeling laser focused, without the crash. 
 Electrolyte Blend
Feel your brain come alive wit extreme hydration. 
 GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid)
When paired with caffeine keeps you calm and centered. Gaba is an amino that pumps the brakes on overexcited neurons. 
A patented form of 29 fruits and vegetables jam packed with antioxidants to eliminate free radicals. 

Our Story

My name is Luke McGurrin and this is my girlfriend Sabrina, and we’re the co-founders of Live Sympl. 

Our story started in 2015 after college, and our lives began to get busy.

The growth of our careers was great, but it came at a price: we found ourselves working through the weekends and eating every meal in front of our computers. 

Desperate for a solution, I decided to try and wake up early to get more work done in the first two hours than I would in an entire day.

We tried everything ​​— cold showers, deep breathing exercises, sleeping in tennis shoes, 5 am workouts, and even putting the alarm clock across the room. 

But each day became harder, so we decided to research on how the brain works.
"We learned that the brain works best when it's hydrated, has energy, and is in a calm state. And the right combination of nootropics, vitamins and supplements can help the brain function better."
We created a nootropic formula that that's all natural, works with every diet even fasting, and tastes great. 

And we chose to call it “Wake Sympl”.


To get to know more of our journey

60 days of guaranteed mental clarity or your money back* 
*if used as directed everyday
Sympl For Everyone.
For busy professionals
Support your body's ability to focus and sustain your energy with the right mix of nootropics and adaptogens in every bottle.
For students & athletes
Conquer busy days in class or in the field with our formula's plant-derived ingredients that offer a much-needed sense of calm with just enough energy.
For parents
Rejuvinate your body and mind with our unique blend of all-natural sources that help maintain a balanced state.
Why Coffee Lovers 
have Switched to Wake Sympl™ 
"I've learned to take back control of my mornings through Wake Sympl. It puts me much better in a state of calm, so it became my morning ritual."
Kelly, 28, entrepreneur and athlete
"I started incorporating meditation into my mornings and the boost from this formula's adaptogens and botanicals is nothing but incredible."
 Khartik, 30, creative director
"I've noticed I started craving less coffee and sugary drinks since I got into the habit of drinking Wake Sympl in the morning."
Monica, 25, mother of two
If you've got a phase-delayed body clock like millions of people, it's impossible to sustain waking up early to get more things done the first few hours in the morning.

And when you wake up, your body is dehydrated from having gone without fluids overnight. That’s why hydrating your body when you hop out of bed gets your brain functioning at its best.

But too much caffeine raises your cortisone levels to spike and slows down your nerve cell activity, making it impossible to sustain waking up early everyday because you feel more jittery.


Wake Sympl is your all-natural, zero-sugar formula that can rehydrate your body and jumpstart your brain and metabolism first thing in the morning.
Coffee vs. Wake Sympl™ 
Does Wake Sympl™ contain caffeine?
Yes, it contains small amounts of Arabica beans as well as coffee fruit extract, which are natural caffeine. It doesn't have the same bad effects as the caffeine in your usual coffee though.
Where is it produced?
Wake Sympl™ is proudly manufactured in the United States.
Is it safe to drink when I'm pregnant?
As with any supplements, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first before taking it under special conditions.
Is it really sugar-free?
Yes, it contains no sugar and harmful chemicals.
How fast does the formula take effect on my body?
It depends on one's absorption. However, the more you get into the habit of drinking Wake Sympl™, the faster you'll feel the effects.
Your Ultimate Morning Stack
What you'll get:
  •  1 Tub of Wake Sympl™ (x45 servings): $67
  •  Bonus # 1 - Custom Sympl Water Bottle: $27
  •  Bonus # 2 - 1 Perfect Morning Routine: $47
  •  Bonus # 3 - 1 Perfect Morning Blue Print : $17
  • ​ Bonus #4 - Free Shipping On Us!: $14
  • ​ TOTAL VALUE: $172
Yours Today for $172

Total Saving of 55%!

60 days of guaranteed mental clarity or your money back* 
*if used as directed everyday
Get back on track, wake up early, 
and reach your goals. 

It's that Sympl. 
Wake Sympl™
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